Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Christian kooks mad at Sears for selling porn

The American Family Association is calling for a letter writing campaign protesting Sears because they sell "pornography" on their website.  I checked out Sears website, but I couldn't find any porn.  They were selling some pinup posters, though not quite graphic enough to meet my criteria of porn.  I wouldn't even call it soft-core.

 But some kooks are calling these pinup posters "deliberate brain damage," according to WorldNet Daily

The "intrusion of Big Porn" mirrors the "rapid growth of the porn addict's habit," said Reisman, who advocates a large-scale class-action lawsuit – like those against Big Tobacco – that brings the evidence of pornography's "actionable damages" before a jury.
The Kinsey legacy of "pornography and perversion," said Reisman, "is no longer content to fill the luxury hotel rooms, the Internet and most of television, it's moved on even to the Sears [website]."
"Children cannot buy alcohol because their bodies and brains are corrupted by its toxins," she added. "Similarly, Sears' reckless distribution of pornography, of 'erototoxins' in the public space, should be charged with deliberate brain damage – bringing the role of dopamine as a 'natural drug' to an American jury. Let the scientific challenge begin!"
Erototoxins? I gotta get me some of those.

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