Friday, August 27, 2010

Democrats are a bunch of pussies

Obama was elected on a wave of popular support, with dreams and hope for change.  I was expecting some great things over the last two years.  Not miracles, mind you, but some real change.  And, I am disappointed.

The Dems chickened out.  Scared of the Teabaggers and the Faux News foaming-at-the-mouth wingnuts, they completely caved and miss an opportunity to do something amazing for this country.  And scared of losing Congress, they capitulated and tried their best to compromise with Republicans so they would have a chance to keep their seats.  But, they failed to get enough done, and it looks like the will lose the house and maybe the senate come November anyway.  And, with a Republican Congress, we will see no real progress until 2013 at the earliest.

But, after the election, Congress can accomplish a few things during the lame duck session and redeem their pathetic selves somewhat.  They have a long list to work through.

  1. Immigration reform with amnesty for current illegals.
  2. Pass card check to strengthen our unions.
  3. Repeal DOMA and DADT.
  4. Add a public option to the weak health care bill.
  5. Reform our enrich-the-rich-and-fuck-the-poor tax system.
  6. Pass a climate control bill.
  7. Enact a massive public works program.

Personally, I would be impressed if they accomplish even one of the listed priorities.  The cowards will be too scared to get anything done that might cause a little controversy.  When are the Democrats going to grow a pair and fight for the people they represent?  Allowing the radical right to always control the debate is an exercise in futility.

Mr. Obama, I am disappointed.

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