Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Does this man deserve jail time?

In Lebanon, Ohio, an 85 year old man was  arrested for attempting to smuggle marijuana to his grandson who is serving time in state prison for a robbery conviction. Apparently, someone tipped off corrections officials, and they arrested the old man at the prison. He now faces seven years in prison himself and a fine up to $15,000.

Now, granted, he probably aught not attempt to sneak a little ganja into jail, but I think seven years is an awful steep price to pay. Heck, seven days is to much. The man was just trying to help his grandson ease the pain of jail. Given the fact that pot tends to make smokers laid back and nonaggressive, prison officials might want to consider handing it out, instead of busting a kindly grandpa trying to bring his grandson a quarter bag.

And by the way, who's the jackass that ratted out the old guy? That was just mean.


  1. Mr. Johann, enuf already with UR pro-pot propaganda! It's fuckin' illegal Dude! Take it thru the court system 2 change that if U don't agree with that but it is what it is Dude! And to top it off, he attempts 2 sneak the shit into jail?!! He should be arrested on STUPIDITY CHARGES! What a fucking ass hole! He didn't sneak it into a hospital or a half-way-house or sum stupid enuf place like that! A fucking Jail?!! Heck, why didn't he sneak it into Court during sentencing 4 that matter! The apple sure doesn't fall 2 far from the tree, does it?!!
    And, as far as mellowing people out, most of the people I knew that smoked weed around me and or with me when I was doing that shit in my youth got into countless arguments & fights while under the influence! It was a substance that prooved more devisive & agitating than unifying or constructive! I think jails would erupt into riots if more inmates were high on that shit. U must know a very different class of pot smokers than I ever knew. I think the 1's I knew were more typical of the people more likely 2B in jail or prison. A large percentage of people in Jail & Prison were high & or drunk when they committed the crimes that resulted in their imprisionment. I think U need 2 rethink UR support of pot usage! Not everyone is like U Sir! Most people are very different than U are when they're high! Wake up my friend. UR head is in the smokey clouds!

  2. You said "Take it thru the court system 2 change that if U don't agree." Well, the old man will go to court, and if I was on the jury, I would vote "not guilty." It only takes one juror to hang a jury, and I would happily do it.

    Now, your argumentative stoner friends. Were they also drunk or coked up at the time? I find it hard to believe that just weed would make one more likely to fight or argue.