Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hack Reform School

So, the front page of amNew York the other day had the headline "Hack Reform School." Quick summary: cabbies who get tickets (TLC, not DMV) and are found guilty, have to go to etiquette school to learn how to become better drivers. The main lesson of school: "acting courteous means better tips. It's also less stressful." Yeah, no shit?

I suspect the class is mostly a waste of time. Drivers who are assholes aren't going to stop being assholes because of two days of classes that they are forced to take.

If the TLC really wants better drivers, they should work on improving work conditions. Better pay, an eight hour shift, health insurance, and a bit of respect from garages, police, TLC inspectors, and the general public would go a long way towards attracting a better class of drivers.

Let's face it, being shat upon by those with power over us, and being scorned by the general public, plus lousy working conditions leads to burnout. Burnout leads to bad drivers.

The TLC seems to expect superior service from drivers they treat like shit.  It ain't gonna happen.

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