Monday, August 2, 2010

Lost and found

Cleaning the cab last night, I found a pair of stilettos some lady left behind.  I had to wonder, how long did it take for her to notice that she was barefoot?  I know I wouldn't want to be wandering the streets without shoes.  Too much broken glass and such. 

Now, people leave all kinds of crap behind.  Cell phones and umbrellas top the list, followed closely by hats and gloves.  One guy even left a flat screen TV in the trunk, but I stopped him before he got too far.  But the oddest of all time...

I picked up this young, twenty something couple and took them somewhere in the village.  Uneventful trip, and the guy tipped well if I remember correctly.  And, having noticed the lady's short skirt and amazing legs as she was getting in, I turned for another look as they were exiting.  But, I missed her somehow; I could only see the guy.  I peered through the windows, but I couldn't see her at all.  The guy was on the stoop fishing for his keys, and it finally dawned on me to check the back seat.  And there she was, passed out behind me.  I jumped out and yelled at the guy, "Hey, Buddy! What am I supposed to do with the lady?"  He looked around confused and ran back to the cab and woke her up.  "Honey, we're home."  The dude almost left his girlfriend behind.  And if I wasn't being a perv and trying to get a glimpse of her legs, I would've driven off with her soundly asleep in the back seat.

Now, if you leave something valuable in a taxi, and assuming the driver or next passenger doesn't steal it, you can contact the NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission or call 311.  Of course, if you forget your girlfriend, she might not want to return.


  1. She was too drunk. She would never find out what happened that night anyway or let's hope so for the boyfriend.

  2. For a perv you're a pretty decent guy.

    Miss you. Come up and see me sometime.