Sunday, August 15, 2010


We see a lot of drunks in this business, and often, they are a little confused as to where they are, or where they're going.  I once picked up a lady who wanted to go into Manhattan and told me to take the Brooklyn Bridge. But, seeing that we already were in Manhattan, I thought that we shouldn't take any bridge. She didn't like that and told me that I should know where I was. So, we disagreed for a bit, until she decided to find another cab. I was perfectly happy to see her go; let her be someone else's headache. I've had a few similar situations over the years - drunks not knowing where they were. But, today...

I picked up a young guy, early twenties, and he old me to take him to Oxford Circus. I asked where it was, and he was shocked that I didn't know. He was even more shocked when I told him that I didn't even know what Oxford Circus was.

So, he said, "Fine. Take me to Victoria Station. "

Ah, I thought and said, "Are you looking for London, Mate, cause you're in New York, and I can't take you to London. "

"Don't kid me, take me to Victoria Station," he responded.

"I can't. You're in New York.  Do you remember which hotel you're staying in? I can take you there."

"What the hell, I woke up in London, and I'm going to sleep in London.  Quit playing games, and take me to Victoria Station. "

I pointed out the cab sitting at the light next to us. "Look at the side of the cab. See how it says 'NYC Taxi?' We're in New York."

"Alright, fine. I'll walk, but you should know how to get to Victoria Station. " And, he got out, walking off to who knows where.

Drunks can be amusing.

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