Thursday, August 5, 2010

PZ Myers is on a mission

In case you haven't heard of him, PZ Myers is a biologist, associate professor, and author of the excellent Pharyngula blog. Like many legitimate scientists, he has little patience for quackery, pseudoscience, and woo-meisters. He likes to mock them on his blog and point out their idiocy. Which is a good thing. Somebody needs to stand up to the crackpots.

But, every now and then, some of the crackpots get their feelings hurt, and they make silly demands to PZ's employer. Like demands to remove offensive posts. By offensive, I mean  posts that make fun of them.

So, Robert Lanza, an alleged doctor and blogger at HuffPo, got his feelings hurt recently, and he has made some silly censorship demands. He has no leg to stand on, though. Pointing out pseudoscience for quackery is perfectly legal and rather important.

Now, PZ seems to have gotten a bit riled up by Mr. Lanza's demands, and he has decided to make fun of him even more. So, he has written a post asking his readers to link to the posts that hurt Mr. Lanza's feelings. His goal is to have Google searches for Lanza bring up PZ's post to the top of the list. So, #1, #2, and #3 are the oh so hurtful posts. Enjoy.

The internet is fun.

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