Monday, August 23, 2010


Rain today, and very heavy for awhile.  Whenever it rains, at least one, if not several passengers mention that I must be loving it. After all, they reason, it must be good for business.  It makes sense; they usually were stuck in the poring rain for far too long before I picked them up.

But, contrary to the myth, rain is not always good for the cab business.  Often it hurts.  While raining, of course, it's quite busy.  Fares are one after another, and the heavier the rain, the busier it gets.  But, eventually, the rain stops, or slows to a trickle.  And, then, business comes to a grinding halt.

On rainy days, people don't go out as much.  They stay home, or go directly home from work, and order Chinese delivery.  Who wants to go to a movie in a downpour?  Better to wait until next week.  All of those people staying home really cuts into the number of people in the streets, and that kills the business.

Sometimes, rain does help.  When it starts late at night, around eleven or midnight, it can be very beneficial.  But usually, it's trouble in this business.

It also sucks to drive, especially the heavy downpours.  Visibility shortens considerably, and pedestrians tend to jaywalk more often, so we have to be extra careful and alert.  After a few hours, fatigue quickly sets in.

Snow on the other hand is great for business.  And, it's pretty.

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