Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Seattle cops need a lesson in community relations

Yeah, the girls should have just taken their tickets, but this is just wrong.


  1. Those women woulda been in the Morgue right now if they were in NYC! I think this dude showed amazing restraint under the circumstances! U don't fight with the Cops! Period! If U think U've been a victim of false arrest, U take it up with Court System! End of story! An argument could be made that he felt he was in imminant danger of bodily harm or death, being attacked from behind by her cousin & being surrounded & out numbered by hostile by-standers. At the very least, they're lucky they didn't get their heads cracked open by his baton! I say this Dude should be commended for showing more restraint than most of us would have under the same circumstances! Give this Dude a fucking raise!

  2. You are correct that the girls were way out of line, and deserve time in jail, but cops are supposed to use restraint and common sense. Punching that girl just made a tense situation even more dangerous.