Friday, August 6, 2010

These guys are having a bad day

I witnessed a car accident today at my corner.  Van #1 attempted to make a left turn from the right lane.  He turned in front of  Van #2 who was travelling straight in a center lane. Van #2 struck Van #1 in the front left side and swerved out of control hitting a highway support. Ouch.

So, I called 911 and waited around until the police showed up so I could give a statement. Within minutes, three ambulances, two firetrucks, and a FDNY suporvisor arrived. No one was injured, so the ambulances were unnessecary, and the firefighters, after making sure nothing would burst into flame, mostly stood around doing not much of anything.  They did muck up traffic pretty good though.

The cops though, took thirty-nine frigging minutes to show.  I gave a two minute statement and left.

One item of note: the guy who hit the pillar was not wearing a seatbelt, and didn't get a scratch. Lucky him.

Interestingly, in over seven years of driving cab, this is the first accident with serious damage that I've witnessed from begining to end.  I've seen plenty of crashes, but I usally only notice after the screech of tires.  This is the first time that I saw who caused the accident. 

Fortunately, no one hurt.

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