Monday, September 27, 2010

Ben Stein Whines about Taxes

Oh, whine, poor Benny doesn't want his taxes to go up.  And not up by much, only an additional 3% on whatever he makes over $250,000.  That's all, 3%.  Life is tough.

He doesn't like paying taxes for schools, but does he realize that if people did not pay school taxes, then only the children of the rich would be able to afford school.  That's the way Haiti does schooling, and it hasn't worked well for them.

He makes some complaint that raising taxes during a recession will only make things worse, but he doesn't mention that the recession is over for the rich.  The richest 400 Americans had their combined net worth increase by 8% this year, while the poverty rate is at a post-war high.  So, it's only fair that the taxes for the rich go up.  They have reaped the benefits of our jobless recovery; they should pay the extra taxes.  Taxes that are needed to help pay for the stimulus, unemployment insurance, and lower the deficit.  That is not punishment, Ben, it is simply fair.

The income disparity in this country is becoming larger and larger each year, and our tax code is partially to blame.  Capital gains are taxed at a much lower rate than the income tax on wages, but the working men and women work awfully damn hard to make those wages, while investing in stocks and collecting dividends doesn't take much sweat.  Social Security tax caps at $106,000, meaning that every dollar one makes over that is not taxed for Social Security.  Therefore, a hedge fund manager who pulls in a billion dollars in one year pays Social Security tax on only a small percentage of their income, while school teachers and mill workers have to pay the tax on 100% of their income.  This is fundamentally unfair, yet Ben, and the Republicans, whine about the income tax rate for top earners going from 36% to 39%.  And that's only on the money they make over $250,000.

So, Ben, quit whining like a fucking baby, and pay your taxes.  You can afford them a lot easier than the rest of us.

P.S.  Ben, if you're only making 35 cents on the dollar, you need to renegotiate with your agent.

P.P.S.  Forgive the commercials.  It's CBS's video, and they can put them in if they want.

P.P.P.S.  Bill Maher has written about Benny, also.  Only his post is better.

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