Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Burn, Baby, Burn!

I presume you've heard of the Quran burning fuckwads Christians down in Florida.  Pastor Terry Jones and his flock at Dove World Outreach Center plan to hold a Quran burning in observance of 9/11.  They have come up with their ten reasons for doing so, and I thought it might be interesting to look them over. My comments are in red.
The Koran teaches that Jesus Christ, the Crucified, Risen Son of God, King of Kings and Lord of Lords was NOT the Son of God, nor was he crucified (a well documented historical fact that ONLY [well, also atheists, Jews, Hindus, and probably any other religion other than Christianity] Islam denies). This teaching removes the possibility of salvation and eternal life in heaven for all Islam's believers. They face eternal damnation in hell if they do not repent.
The Koran does not have an eternal origin. It is not recorded in heaven. The Almighty God, Creator of the World, is NOT it's source. It is not holy. It's writings are human in origin, a concoction of old and new teachings. This has been stated and restated for centuries by scholars since Islam's beginnings, both Moslem and non-Moslem. [of course, the same can be said for the bible.]
The Koran's teaching includes Arabian idolatry, paganism, rites and rituals. These are demonic,[really] an ongoing satanic [scary] stronghold under which Moslems and the world suffer. 
The earliest writings that are known to exist about the Prophet Mohammad Jesus were recorded 120 years after his death. All of the Islamic Christian writings (the Koran and the Hadith Gospels, the biographies, the traditions and histories) are confused, contradictory and inconsistent. Maybe Mohammad Jesus never existed. We have no conclusive account about what he said or did. Yet Moslems Christians follow the destructive teachings of Islam Christianity without question. 
Mohammad's life and message cannot be respected. The first Meccan period of his leadership seems to have been religiously motivated and a search for the truth. But in the second Medina period he was "corrupted by power and worldly ambitions." [like the Catholic Church] (Ibn Warraq) These are characteristics that God hates. They also led to political assassinations and massacres which continue to be carried out on a regular basis by his followers today.  [just like the Christians]
Islamic Law is totalitarian in nature. There is no separation of church and state. It is irrational. It is supposedly immutable and cannot be changed. It must be accepted without criticism. It has many similarities to Nazism, Communism and Fascism. It is not compatible with Western Civilization. [well, for the hard line Muslims, that's true.  But not for the moderate Muslims]
Islam is not compatible with democracy and human rights. The notion of a moral individual capable of making decisions and taking responsibility for them does not exist in Islam. The attitude towards women in Islam as inferior possessions of men has led to countless cases of mistreatment and abuse for which Moslem men receive little or no punishment, and in many cases are encouraged to commit such acts, and are even praised for them. This is a direct fruit of the teachings of the Koran. [hmmm, yeah, that does sound like Iran]
A Muslim does not have the right to change his religion. Apostasy is punishable by death. [Iran]
Deep in the Islamic teaching and culture is the irrational fear and loathing of the West. [maybe]
 Islam is a weapon of Arab imperialism and Islamic colonialism. Wherever Islam has or gains political power, Christians, Jews and all non-Moslems receive persecution, discrimination, are forced to convert. There are massacres and churches, synagogues, temples and other places of worship are destroyed. [sounds like the history of Christianity]
None of these reasons really matter.  Book burning is a hateful act, and is flat out wrong.  World history is filled with cases of devastating mass burnings.
Some particular cases of book burning are long and traumatically remembered - because the books destroyed were irreplaceable and their loss constituted a severe damage to cultural heritage, and/or because this instance of book burning has become emblematic of a harsh and oppressive regime. Such were the destruction of the Library of Alexandria, the obliteration of the Library of Baghdad, the burning of books and burying of scholars under China's Qin Dynasty, the destruction of Mayan codices by Spanish conquistadors and priests, and in more recent times, Nazi book burnings, the burning of Beatles records after a remark by John Lennon concerning Jesus Christ, and the destruction of the Sarajevo National Library. - Wikipedia
 Religious and political leaders around the world have spoken out against this planned protest.  Even General Petraeus has stated that the burning could endanger US troops and the mission in Afghanistan.  He's right, of course, but, these people have their rights.  If one wishes to burn books as a protest in this country, they have that right.  The First Amendment, after all, is meant for the difficult cases, not the easy ones.

And, I hope that Muslims around the world remember that the First Amendment is the same Amendment that gives Muslims the right to build a mosque near Ground Zero.  And, at a recent protest in Kabul, protesters burned an effigy of Terry Jones as well as the American flag.  Such is their right.

I hope their protests do not end in violence.  That is not a right.


  1. Great post. I especially like what you did with reason #4 - I am reminded of a quote that goes something like, "We are divided into armed camps ready to commit genocide over whose fairy tales to believe. In the end, religion will kill us all" - Ed Krebs.

    Of course I am with you and hope their protests do not end in violence.

  2. Great post Johann. I really don't know what else to say that you haven't already written. Worst part, that guy will probably gloat if any violence erupts following the burning ("See, I told you so"). If I ever need a cab in the city I want you to drive it :)

  3. Sarah, I'm ashamed to say that I've never heard of Ed Krebs. I will look him up. Thanks for the quote.

    Jerome, if I ever see you hailing, I'll stop and pick you up.

  4. Well written. You nailed it. Book burning is a hateful act, and is flat out wrong.