Thursday, September 2, 2010

The slowest week

The slowest week of the year in this business is either the week before Labor Day or the week after New Year's Eve.  Both are truly miserable. 

In August, families go on vacation, traveling the world and giving their money to cab drivers in far off, distant cities.  Tourists come in of course, but they don't make up for the loss.  Tourists tend to go to sleep early, by 11:00.  I drive until 4:00. 

About half of the money I make every shift goes towards expenses, the lease and gas.  These numbers are pretty much fixed, so the slow down comes out of my pocket.  If business is off by 25%, my take home is off by 50%.  Which is about where things are at nowadays making it awfully hard to maintain a drug habit.

Things will get better starting next week.  Kids will have school, so all the family vacations will be over.  And the college kids will be back, spending their late nights bar hopping.  A good deal of my business is bringing drunken college kids from one bar to next and then home.

So, I have to hang in there for another week, and business will slowly improve until the madness of Christmastime and then the glory of New Year's, the best night of the year. 

And then, another screeching halt, as credit card bills and New Year resolutions drive the public into the subway.

Such is the career I chose.


  1. Hey Mr. Johann, why do U say U have a drug habit? I happen 2 know U pretty well, & U my friend, have a drug (Pot) obsession, not a drug habit! U'd like 2 have more of a drug habit, but for 1, U can't find a reliable, trust worthy dealer & second of all, as U said, U can't afford the shit even if U could find sum cuz business is SO HORRIBLE that UR always just treading water financially. Getting a small stash 3 or 4 times a year doesn't exactly qualify as a drug habit... keep on dreamin' buddy!!! Ya God Damn wanna be!!! :)

  2. Sure, sure, go ahead and ruin my rep. Asshole.

  3. Touché Bitch!!! :) And I thought Tranny's were UR only obsession!

  4. That's OK Mr. Johann. I might not be able 2 spelll, but at least I ain't Tranny Lover who's High on Pot!!! Ohhhhh! Wait a second... U can't get any Pot, can U? Sorry Dude! Well, at least there's plenty of "Trannies" around 4U!!!
    Hey, doesn't that piss UR girl friend off... That UR into Chick's with Dick's?!! I'm pretty sure that makes U Gay. So, how is it being a Gay cabby in NYC? U must get lots of Cock out there, huh?!! Oh well... Enjoy!!! ;-D

  5. Your homophobia is becoming disturbing. So disturbing, you're beginning to remind me of those scared boys in the back of my cab. And, now you're starting a 'flame' war. Hmmmmm...

  6. Let's not bust each others balls about spelling Mr. Johann. I won't mention "Spelt" if U don't mention "Tranny's"... Deal?!! And by the way... I don't have any phobia's... I'm not afraid of UR kind, I just find U guys amusing!!! It's a great big world Mr. Johann... There's enuf room on it 4 everybody as far as I'm concerned.