Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Who Knows the Most about Religion?

Would you be surprised if I said atheists and agnostics?  According to the Pew Research Center, Mormons, Jews, and atheists top the list of those who know the most about religion. This is not particularly shocking, of course. Most atheists were raised in a religious home, and lost their faith later in life. Many studied their religion, and in the process, realized that it made no sense, so they gave it up.  There has been a lot of blather on the blogosphere lately that atheist do not know enough about religion to criticise it, but this report shows that the average atheist knows more about religion than the average christian.

Besides, it doesn't take all that much schooling to realize that the story of a travelling preacher nailed to a cross coming back to life after three days is rather silly.


  1. Definitely not that surprising. If you haven't already, you should read this blogger's take on it:


  2. I"m more agnostic than atheist, but from my personal experience these findings don't surprise me. I studied the bible pretty extensively when I started to lose my faith. Or when I realized I didn't really have any.

    I always beat by wife at religious questions in trivia games, and she is a devout Christian.

  3. yohann,you did,nt include a view upon the 7TH day adventists and their answers to the ?,s.was their a reason or were they included in one of the other posted groups.my own personal opinion from extensive research&obversation is,they seem to really walk the line on their convictions on/in a religious manner,more than most so called self-rightious peoples.who seem to forget their are 7 days per week,not just one(church day).in my own humble opinion,it does make a diff as to how we treat "all people" at all times,in a respectfull manner as they/we are all related on this sole planet,in one way or another.and also i would like to add,,if their behavior would justify respect from us i.e., they have not killed or tortured or stole,taken advantage from innocent peoples,etc.just a thought!

  4. Anon - the 7th Day Adventists were probably included with the protestants, though I'm not sure if they would be considered evangelical or mainline.

    Also, the survey dealt more with knowledge of history and church doctrine, and not how closely one follows the teachings.

    Sarah - thanks for sharing the link. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

    Doug - yes, many previously religious people lose faith once they begin to study religion in detail.

  5. Well, my faith actually was fading, and that's why I decided to study it. But I get your point.