Friday, October 29, 2010

NYPD - New York's Finest, But Maybe Not Brightest

From the gothamist:
Sometimes the NYPD's inanity is so perfect, so immaculately risible, that you just want to burst into applause and toss a bouquet of roses onto the hood of a squad car. Today is one of those days. According to a tipster, a cop parked in the bike lane on First Avenue near 23rd Street proceeded to write tickets for cyclists who weren't using the bike lane, because they had to ride around him to get by.


  1. This a moment when you need a BMX demon to ride OVER the squad car. Maybe the squad car is possessed by a rooh or jinn. Totally in your pew against the poo that is dogmatic Religion. Just found your blog and hope to ride in your cab if I return to NY. cheers

  2. Just got home from a long day of work and spent my shift listening to depressing election results. Thanks for the chuckle, I needed it.