Friday, October 1, 2010

Old Fashioned Soda Shop in Brooklyn

Farmacy, an old style soda fountain, like the ones you remember from your childhood, has opened in Brooklyn at the corner of Henry and Sackett.   K and I checked the place out recently, and we were impressed.  They serve egg creams, a Brooklyn specialty, as well as sodas, shakes, and ice cream.  I especially recommend the Rocket, a coffee shake made with ice coffee instead of milk.  Highly caffeinated, so beware.

The place is a 100 year old pharmacy that had been closed for about ten years.  The proprietor, Peter Freeman, started restoring the place, and was given some invaluable help from the Discovery Channel's "Construction Intervention."  The crew did a wonderful job, preserving the antique feel.  Original wood floors and shelving are intact, and the whole place has a relaxed, charming atmosphere.

Check the place out if you get a chance.

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