Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Teabaggers Are Mad For The Wrong Reasons

The teabaggers are angry, and they want changes. But, because of their ignorance, they do not know why they are angry. They watch the demagogues on Faux News and like sheep, they prattle on about the deficit, health care, immigrants and Muslims.

Well, a news flash for all of you teabaggers:

The economy doesn't currently suck because of deficit spending or ObamaCare or the Mexicans coming in and stealing our jobs.  The economy sucks because the rich are taking too big of a piece of the pie.  The richest 1% currently earns about 24% of the national income.  The last time the richest of the rich took so much was 1928.  The Great Depression started the following year.  Sort of the situation we are in now.

Why this matters is simple.  If the poor and working class do not earn a fairer share of the pie, they cannot afford to buy many goods and services.  The purchasing of these goods and services is what grows our economy.  If people have more money to spend, companies will have to hire more people to make and sell stuff.  Those newly hired folks will also start spending more money on stuff, so companies will have to hire even more workers.  See how it works?  The economy grows.

So, the solution?  Tax the rich more, and the poor less.  That, my teabagging friends is what you should be screaming for.

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