Friday, November 12, 2010

Christmas Tree at Rockerfeller Center

The tree is 74 feet tall, 40 feet wide, and weighs 12 tons.   It is, or was, 75 years old.  Now, it's dead.  After Christmas, it will be turned into mulch and donated to charity.

I am not one of those atheists who is against Christmas.  I celebrate every year, and I love it.  But is killing this tree a really necessary part of the festivities?  I don't think so.  Perhaps Rockerfeller Center can try something else, and let next year's tree live.


  1. I can't imagine them doing something else. People love their traditions. At least they are turning it into mulch and not just dumping it in a landfill, like most people's trees end up going. Maybe they could pledge to plant 10 trees every year, to both replace the Rockerfeller tree AND get some more trees on this earth!

  2. I see your point, but still, a 75 year old tree killed for a month of decoration. I think the tree should be allowed to live. Besides, the damn thing mucks up traffic every year. 49th and 50th streets become impassable once the tree is up.