Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fare Increase For NYC Taxis?

From CBS New York:

Fleet owners have asked the TLC to increase taxi fares by 19%. They ask for an increase raising the drop from $2.50 to $3.00 and the travel from $0.40 per 1/5 mile to $0.40 per 1/6 mile. Some New Yorkers are ready to complain. After all, this is an expensive city to live in. No one wants yet another service to increase in price. Even some cabbies don't like the idea. A driver named Sandy posted this comment on an industry blog:
I’ve been driving a yellow cab since 2001 and I am totally against any fare increases right now because in my experience, those increases are always at the expense of the driver and passenger and benefit nobody other than individual medallion and fleet medallion owners and brokers. Every time there is a fare increase, lease rates are raised accordingly by fleet owners and medallion brokers complaining of “higher costs.”
I, on the other hand, support the idea of a raise. We cabbies don't make much, and we could use a little bit more. We drive 12 hour shifts, five or six days a week. And, we get absolutely no benefits. No paid vacation, no sick days, no 401K, no health care, and no respect. Sandy's complaint of raises always going to the fleet owners is not entirely true. While the owners will definitely get a share (and too large, in my opinion), we drivers will see an increase in our take home pay. And, frankly, we deserve it.

Taxis in New York are a bargain compared to most cities. has done a survey recently, and the results are interesting. The cost of a 3 km trip in new York will cost $7.00 - $12.00. Melbourne taxis charge $9.00-$12.00. London costs $11.29 – $14.52. Monaco is $15.28 – $19.44. The same 3 km in Zurich will run a whopping $18.18 – $24.24.

New York cabbies haven't gotten a raise in the last six years. We deserve one.

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