Sunday, November 7, 2010

Good Riddance to Blue Rubbish

I won't miss these guys.
In a fell swoop, the once-powerful Blue Dog caucus of conservative House Democrats was reduced from 54 members to 26 in Tuesday’s midterm election.
The caucus lost two members to retirement and two others who ran for higher office, and out of the remaining 50 members, 24 Blue Dogs lost.
Remember Howard Dean complaining about "Republican lite" in the 2004 race?  The Blue Dogs were some of the people he was talking about.  They voted with the Dems some times, but they demanded too many concessions, and they were a bit too obstructionist.

As Dan Savage (who I happily stole my headline from) said:
One of the most frustrating things about the last two years was watching Obama and real Dems bend over backward to appease faux Dems. 
I'm happy to see them gone.  Maybe in two years, we can replace the Republicans who took their seats with actual progressives.


  1. It was disheartening to see how many relatively good ideas had to be smashed into little bits of crappy idea just to get anything to pass at all.

    Most prominently, to me, was the health care bill... as soon as there was no public option and there was no universal coverage, well, it missed two of the largest priorities.

  2. I agree. Hopefully the Dems can find a way to defeat Lieberman in two years. He deserves a lot of the blame for the loss of the public option.