Sunday, December 12, 2010

Modern Technology

Back when I was a kid, my step-father was a building contractor. Our house was his office and our phone was his business phone. Therefore, we had strict rules regarding the use of the phone. So clients could get through, we kids were a allowed to use the phone for a maximum of fifteen minutes at a time. This was the days before call waiting. We also were expected to drop whatever we might be doing and run to answer any ring. This was also the days before answering machines. At least answering machines that regular folk could afford.

We had an outdoor ringer hanging under the eaves of the house, so we could hear the phone and run to answer if necessary. Once I was in the barn shoveling manure when the phone started to ring. I muttered a mild curse (those were the days before I would dare mutter an actual curse, even when alone, shoveling shit) and started running for the house. I kicked off my muck boots on the front steps (the phone must be answered, but one must not track cow shit on the kitchen floor) and ran inside. Of course, the caller hung up just as I answered.

I got a new phone today, which is why this old memory comes to mind. My old phone was experiencing some minor but annoying problems, so T-Mobile gave me an early upgrade. I chose the myTouch 4G (stupid fucking name), a step up over my old phone, a myTouch 3G (stupid fucking name). This amazing machine does email, games, and has access to the interwebs. All stuff that my old phone had, but this new toy has one cool feature that blows my mind.

I can use it as a wifi hotspot. I turn the program on, connect my laptop, and away I go. And it's fast, almost as fast as the cable internet I am getting from Time Warner, if not faster. I know that one can do speed tests for their internet connections, but I do not know how. But, I am currently streaming a movie from NetFlix, and the quality is just fine. I think I'll give it a week to see if there's any problems and then cancel my Time Warner service. I figure that the savings will pay for the phone in five months.

And to think, less than thirty years ago, I had to interrupt my shit shoveling because we did not have an answering machine, a device that has already become obsolete, and now I am writing this post on my phone as a Dudley Moore film streams on my laptop with an internet connection from the same phone.

How far we have come, and where will this technology bring us in the next thirty years?
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  1. The speed of technology (both how fast it's growing and how fast it can do things) amazes me. The best part of this post is the very end where it says "Published with Blogger-droid v1.6.5" haha.

  2. I think home phones are completely outdated and yet I tell my parents they cannot get rid of theirs! It's the number I use for all those people/businesses I don't want to hear from!

  3. Sarah, I didn't know that the little ad you mentioned would appear. It doesn't bother me, though I'm somewhat irked i didn't know beforehand. Perhaps I'll try a different app next time.

    Kara, it does amaze me that so many land lines still exist. I haven't had one for over ten years now.