Sunday, January 9, 2011

Keith Olbermann Says It Best

Some context for Olbermann's remarks. First, Palin's notorious target ad earlier this year. Notice how one of the twenty targets is aimed at Rep. Gifford.

Palin's famous "Reload" tweet:

And, this is an event announcement for Jesse Kelly, Rep. Gifford's challenger in the past election. Sounds kinda bloodthirsty, no?

Glenn Beck in just a sample of his daily rants:

The jackass Senator from Kentucky gave a speech at a 2nd Amendment rally last year. The people hosting the rally are scary as hell.

Of course, the teabaggers, knowing that blame is deserved, were quick to politicize the shooting by demanding that liberals not politicize it.

The right wingnuts are tripping over themselves claiming that the shooter was a liberal based on a series of tweets from a former classmate of his.

But, she saw him last in 2007, when Bush was President. I suspect that the man was more anti-government than either liberal or conservative. He was plain nuts, and was just waiting for a spark to set him off.

I suspect that the violent rhetoric from the far right was the spark that helped push him over the edge.

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