Friday, February 4, 2011

Change of Comment System

Often annoyed by the lameness of Blogger, I've decided to change to DISQUS system of commenting. It has a few advantages, namely threaded comments, a better look and better moderation. They do take a little longer to load, but that is a minor trade off.

For those of you who might be considering changing also, I have a few words of advice. First, Internet Explorer 8 did not work for me.  DISQUS needs to write to your blog page, and IE8's safety features blocked it for me. I suppose that there is a way around this, but I just used Chrome instead. It worked with no trouble.

Second, importing comments from your Blogger blog takes a long time. So long that you might think that something has gone wrong. But, it worked for me; it just took about half a day. Don't panic. It's working.

The biggest flaw with DISQUS that I've noticed so far is that one cannot login with Blogger accounts. One can login in with Facebook, Twitter, OpenID, Yahoo, or DISQUS, but no Blogger. Stupid, I know, but you can deal with it.

So, I hope you like the new comments. It has a few more features, that Blogger just doesn't have.  BTW, why  isn't Blogger a little more cooler? Google does own it, so I'd think it would be a better system  by now.

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