Monday, February 28, 2011

Faux News whines that protesters don't like them

Boo hoo. Union workers don't like Faux News, and it hurts their feelings. I wonder if the dislike could come from this type of biased news coverage.

Our concerned parent, Amber Hahn, is worried that teachers are teaching union history, and it might be biased, but she doesn't really know because as a not particularly concerned parent, she is unaware of what is going on in her children's classrooms. Faux News pushes this union propraganda line without bothering to let the viewers know that Hahn is the treasurer of the Republican Party of Columbia County. No bias there?

Perhaps if Faux News actually reported the news, instead of being the propaganda arm of the GOP, people would have a bit more respect for them.

via Joe.My.God. and Media Matters

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