Thursday, February 24, 2011

More on the Westboro Baptist Church

The WBC's website is down, and has been for a number of hours now. Some self proclaimed hacktivist by the name of The Jester appears to be taking credit, according to his twitter feed. I'm delighted by this act of vandalism. I'm all for anything that makes it more difficult for the Phelps Clan to preach their hate. Well, I should clarify. I'm all for whatever Anonymous or The Jester does to the WBC. The government should not abridge their free speech rights.

While researching the WBC, I've become rather impressed with their skill, energy, drive and talent. They are experts at publicity, and their organizational skills are top notch. They even manage to use humor to good affect, judging by the video parody below. Well, what they would consider humor.

Now, just imagine what these sick fucks could accomplish if their talent and energy was directed towards the advancement of progressive causes.

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