Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sometimes Rich People Are Clueless

My last fare today had me take her to Soho. On the way there, we engaged in idle chit chat. The regular stuff. Where are you from? Where do you live? What do you do for work? Etc.

When I told her that I live in Brooklyn, she said that Brooklyn must be nice. "I might like to live in Brooklyn someday. I like Soho, I have a duplex with a roof terrace, but it's small, you know. I would like a place with a lot of room and a back yard. You must have it nice."

Um, no. I have it OK, but nothing approaching a duplex with a roof terrace. I do not have a back yard or a large apartment. I do not have that kind of money. If I did, I wouldn't be driving dumb people around in a taxi.

Reminds me of the time a number of years ago when I had an elderly, well off couple in my cab. They were discussing their upcoming trip to Martha's Vineyard when the lady asked me, "Where do you summer, Driver?"

I replied, "Lady, people of my social class don't use the word 'summer' as a verb."

She was confused. Rich people can get confused when reality interrupts their world view.


  1. "Where do you summer, Driver?" hahahahaha, wow, I've never, in these days, heard that used as a verb either. And I suppose I haven't spent too much time around elderly rich people.

  2. Sarah, if you ever get the chance, definately try to spend some time with ederly rich people. They can be very entertaining. Just don't take them too seriously.

  3. Great blog! I love it, thumb up.