Sunday, February 6, 2011

TBX, or The Black Experience

AJ, who blogs at a site called (undermyfitted), was recently asked what life was like as a black man. In response, he has started a series he calls TBX.
You step out of your crib into one of "those neighborhoods" in a large urban area. It doesn't really matter which one, people spend a lot of time differentiating between big cities but really, the only differences lie in the city centers where they keep the monuments and politicians and stadiums and other shit they want to put on TV and show as the Faces of the City. Most hoods are the same or at least first cousins. (If you've never actually seen a hood in person but have seen "The Wire", I'll wager the hoods of Baltimore are a great stand-in for any in America for imagery's sake.) It's winter, and a snowstorm just passed a few days ago. You can still tell because the city has made no effort to plow the streets around where you live...their trucks and efforts are better used near the Faces.

Go read the whole thing.

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