Friday, February 18, 2011

Video killed the radio, but then someone killed the video.

Pertinent to this whole Femalegate drama (I prefer to call it horseshit), is the video of the panel discussion. It provided proof that Sharon's and Lyz's original post was full of exaggerations, halftruths, and outright lies. But, lo and behold, it had been edited. Or, as I call it, censored.

Now, being a cabdriver, I've found some weird shit in the back of my cab. Umbrellas, cellphones and gloves are pretty common. I've also found ganja and works of art. I once even had a drunk guy leave his passed out girlfriend behind. But, tonight I had a well dressed businesswoman leave a VHS tape sitting in my back seat. I pop it into my VCR, and what do I find? The unedited video. Life is strange. Enjoy.*

* That story is a total fucking lie. I came about the video in another manner.

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