Wednesday, May 4, 2011

For all those people who landed on this blog by Googling "Two women encounter cabbie's terrifying fare refusal"

I have no idea why Google has sent you to me. I haven't written about this silly little drama. But seeing that a dozen people have stopped by today from this particular search phrase, I guess I ought to write something. Customer service and all.

I think this is the video you're looking for:

And, the story is here.

Since I'm running late for my own shift, I'll quickly give my two cents.

The law is clear. Drivers are required to take passengers to Brooklyn if they request it. If the driver refuses, the passenger can call the city and file a complaint. The city will follow up, hold a hearing, and fine/suspend the driver. Easy.


This isn't some scary attack. Those women aren't frightened. They are pissed off because some cab driver won't go to Brooklyn. So they sit in his cab and refuse to move. And, they stay there until the cabbie flips out. Listen to the nasty, privileged, demanding little shits. If they were in my cab, I'd probably flip out too.  New Yorkers think that they own any fucking cab that they see. They don't. It is the driver's cab, and the riding public needs to learn that the driver isn't their personal servant, there to perform their every bidding.

So ladies,

Get the fuck out of the cab. Seriously, the driver may be legally required to take you to Brooklyn, but that doesn't give you the right to trespass. It isn't your cab, and the driver isn't your fucking slave. If the man tells you to get out of his cab, then get out. Take that fucking chip off your shoulder and get out. Sitting in the back of the man's cab and throwing a little hissy fit cause you want to go to Brooklyn isn't going to help. You are creating the problem here, not the driver. And, now, because of your obstinate refusal to remember that it's not your fucking cab, this man is going to lose his job. Fuck you, you smug little jackasses. I hope you get runned over by a cab. That would be karma.

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