Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Who gets credit for killing Osama?

The Republicans are in full damage control mode. They must create the meme that credit goes to Bush, and they will keep all the talking heads on the TV until the teabaggers and sheeple believe it unconditionally. Obama's team meanwhile will continue trying to remain above it all and act dignified.

That doesn't work. Calm and reasonable doesn't work on sheeple. They need simple talking points repeated over and over again. The Democrats have this silly idea that they are nice, honest, and fair, and that's how they fight. As far as I am concerned, they should remain honest and fair. But, they should stop being so goddamned nice. It's time to get mean and nasty. They can do so and still remain honest and fair. Start fighting, kids.

John McKay at archy has written a detailed post regarding all the spin the Republicans are doing now. He brings up the relief many claimed to have that Gore wasn't president on 9/11, and how he would not have acted as Bush had. He answers wonderfully,
That's complete and utter crap. Al Gore would have done exactly what Bush did. Or McCain would have done. Or Bradley. Or Hillary. Or you or I or any president in the history of the republic or anyone who isn't brain damaged. He would have gone on every news channel and made a speech saying the American people will rise above this, we will track the people responsible to the ends of the earth, heads would have rolled at the CIA, and we would have invaded Afghanistan to get at bin Laden and punish those who protected him.

Here are some things that might not have happened. Gore probably would not have sat frozen, reading "My Pet Goat" for eight minutes after hearing about the planes hitting the World Trade Center. He probably would have issued his first statement from Air Force One rather than leaving the American people without reassurance while he flew around for nine hours and spent another ninety minutes at the White House. He certainly would not have called off the search at Tora Bora. He would not have spent hundreds of billions of dollars and thousands of lives waging a war in a country that had nothing to do with 9/11.

He probably would not have tolerated wholesale violations of international and domestic laws such as creating a bogus category of "enemy combatants" to avoid the Geneva Conventions, using torture, or gutting habeus corpus. I know he wouldn't have completely respected all of our rights the way I would have liked. There still would have been a slide toward a surveillance state with wire tapping and eavesdropping. The same conservatives, who spent the Bush years justifying the erosion of rights would have cried "tyranny" and raised holy hell.

Actually, those last few points would have been moot, because I know for a fact that the Republicans would have tried to impeach Gore for allowing 9/11 to happen. There would have been none of the coming together in good faith that the Democrats offered throughout 2002. But this brings us to a final point, under Gore, there might not have been a 9/11 because he might have actually have read the August 8 security briefing. Remember, he was VP when Clinton tried to get bin Laden in 1998. Terrorism was a front-burner issue for him, whereas Bush only cared about tax cuts for the rich before 9/11.

That last bit is important. If Bush was unsuccessful in his bid to steal the presidency, Gore might have prevented 9/11. We'll never know, but it is probable. Consider it.

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