Monday, May 14, 2012

First day.

Today started frustrating. The hostel is clean enough. But, a little cramped. I'll be able to handle it, but hopefully not for long.

The job search started  poorly; I had started with a faulty game plan.* But, some people I spoke to have some good advice, so I'll have better chances tomorrow. This city is not New York. Amsterdam follows some rules that New York does not. And versa vice. Amsterdam has some rules that I've never heard. Some rules need to be gotten around, and I understand it can be done. I need to gather more details. I met one hashman (I know it's not gender neutral, but I can't think of a better one yet. I don't even know what the proper term is yet.) who was chatty, and he gave me some good advice. I'll stop back in the place tomorrow and have another chat with him.

My gameplan:

Start the day by doing some internet research. I have a few details that need filling in, and Google should be able to help. This includes planning a beat, which I'll use to be thorough.

Start hitting businesses around three or four.* Work my planned beat for four or five hours.

Go back to the hashman I mentioned earlier, and hit an expat hangout or two.

Get stoned and take a leisurely stroll.

Perhaps try busking again.

I'll bring four or five signs this time, and try to be a little more engaging.  Now, being in Amsterdam, a thought has naturally occurred. Should I busk sober or stoned? I haven't decided yet. Maybe both? Any thoughts, those of you who might know me both ways?

Tonight, before going to bed I'll place this add on craigslist.

Newly arrived American seeks position.

Thirty-nine year old American male, new in town. Looking for any type of gainful employment. I'm willing and able to wash dishes, tend bar, tend plants, bus tables, wait tables, milk goats, be a handy man, anything legal and maybe a few that aren't. Experienced in carpentry, electrical, plumbing, painting, washing dishes, prep cook, storytelling, building scenery, hanging lights, rigging, managing the stage, and ten year NYC cab driver. 

Willing to learn anything new.

New in town, just arrived this morning. Not sure if you've noticed, but America has gone a little nuts over the last twenty or so years. I wish to experience residing in a place a little more, well, civilized.

If you have a position that needs to be filled, give me a chance to live out a dream. I'll accept any reasonable offer, and perhaps some things not.

Thank you for your attention.

I'm going to try a few different techniques, and see what hits.

Any advice or good ideaa that any of you have, please leave a comment. Thanks.

*I have no papers, so I'll be vague while describing my job search and any job I find. I suspect that discretion is advised.


  1. I wouldn't advise U2B stoned while busking. In fact, if at all possible, I wouldn't even advise U2B stoned while stoned! :))
    And drunk? Holy shit! Don't even think about it pal! We wouldn't want an international incident! Like the time the cops in NYC stopped U & asked if U were drunk...
    And while hic cupping & slurring UR speech uncontrollably, U politely told them, "I'm drunk, but I'm
    not the least bit disorderly."
    Which resulted in them smiling broadly & kindly driving U2 UR destination.
    Might not turn out the same way up there buddy! >:-))
    Try to do UR business sober. Keep the work & play separate. And Jeesh Dude! I'm sure David's THRILLED that UR tryna be either drunk or stoned as often as U can! Wouldn't be too surprise if he gently nudges U over board half way across the pond! >:-/

  2. Dude, I obviously skipped ahead to the latest entry. I went back & read what I missed & HOLY SHIT Dude!!! U are one CRAZY mutha fucka!!! UR fucking staying I'n Amsterdam?!! With No Job?!! And No place to live yet?!! I'm fucking dumb founded!!! I mean, I know U said U were thinking about doing that one day but OMG, U must be kidding me!!! I know U've done this kind of stuff B4 but never in a foreign county where U don't speak the language!!! I'm actually worried!!! I hope U'll be ok & everything works out 4U!!! Wow!!! And David loses his buddy for the entire ride back home too, huh?!!
    Alright Bro, I hope everything works out 4U!!! I guess we'll speak soon! Be safe! And well!

  3. Make it fucking happen Dude! I'm beginning to lose sleep over this shit! I'm even dreaming about it! I don't like that. My life is complicated enuf! I've never known anyone except for my pain in the Ass daughter to stress me out like this! UR family has to be fucking pissed! We're all links in a fucking chain & shit like this weakens the fucking chain! Sorry Dude! I like & respect U alot but I know U long enuf now to care about U & consider U a good friend & I don't like people that I care about making me worry about them unnecessarily! No papers! No job! No residency! I'm really fucking worried & am powerless financially to do anything to help U & it's almost making me sick to my stomach! Just please be safe & make this shot work! Please!