Saturday, May 19, 2012


I got up early to go do that extra thing. It was fun. I made €40.

I left there and took the train and wandered in search of that talkative hashman I mentioned earlier. My plan was to smoke a joint, come back to the hostel, and write a blog post. I hadn't decided yet if I was to write about the extra gig or my plan for the next year or two or twelve. The hashman wasn't talkative this time. He was took busy.

I left the coffeeshop and wandered home. An hour later I was back at the same coffeeshop. I tried again and eventually said fuck it and went into another coffeeshop. I was hoping to get a strawberry-banana milkshake to go with my spliff, but service was so wretchedly slow, I gave up and just smoked my weed. I have yet to find a coffeeshop I truly, or even remotely, like.

I headed home and got lost again. By luck I stumbled upon the French fry place, and from there it was easy to find the Old Church and the Old Church is the center off it all and from there it would be easy to get home.

An hour later I was standing in front of the Old Church again.

An hour later I am finally back at the hostel. I'm tired. I'm going to bed. Let me know what post I should write next.

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  1. I'd like constant updates about how much money U have left. It adds to the tension of the story & interest in the character, like a good book or a movie. I know this is neither but it's beginning to take on those characteristics in some ways. If we know U only have €5 to UR name, it adds to the tension & I hate to say, the excitement of the story.
    It becomes like the highs & lows of a soap opera.
    I wanna know the good & bad of it all. New jobs, friendships, acquired jobs, apartments, twisted ankles, lost wallets, winning lotto tickets... Everything! I wanna know the capacity of how dire the situation has become or how ecstatic & gleeful the turn of events are. I wanna know if U won €100 at a Poker game or have to sell UR Ass on the corner!