Monday, September 24, 2012

Announcing a debate with Paul Elam of A Voice for Men

Back in February, I wrote a post criticizing Matt Dillahunty. In it, I referred to A Voice for Men, a website dedicated to men's rights.
Now, A Voice for Men is a truly sick, disgusting site. The shit in charge once publicly promised to vote to acquit if he was ever on a jury for a rape trial. Sick, MRA bullshit.
Paul Elam, the guy I called "the shit in charge," has recently seen the post, and he didn't care for my characterization of him or his website. He left a comment.
@ Johann the Cabbie. Neither one of you show any ability to be rational where it concerns AVfM, at all. Neither one of you have any support for your claims. However, either one orboth of you are invited to debate me publicly on the subject of jury nullification or any other matter you think is "sick" about me, or AVfM generally speaking. 

It just amazes me what passes for rational thought these days.

The good news is that you can always tell the intellectual cowards when they hide from their ideas being publicly vetted. Oh do, let the excuses fly. Tell me how you won't stoop todebating me, or some other disguised bullshit.

But in case you want to ante up I will provide you a moderated debate platform, live at BTR, with a significant audience and equal time in a fair venue.
I don't do public speaking, having stage fright and a bit of a stutter, so I told Paul that I would be willing to debate him in writing. He agreed. We will have three exchanges, with me going first.

My first post will be up this weekend. In the meantime, you might want to check out this article Paul wrote on jury nullification in rape trials.

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