Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Damn, has it really been almost a year since my last post?

Yeah, I guess it has been.

So, what have I've been up to?

After leaving Spain, I went to a small French town near Issigeac to work in a bed and breakfast owned by a couple of Dutch guys.

I did ironing. Lots and lots of ironing. All the sheets and pillow cases. Other chores included mowing, pool cleaning, shower scrubbing, and painting. The food was fantastic, and the owners were generous with the wine. They had adopted the French tradition of serving wine with lunch, and we got buzzed most afternoons. I had a blast.

In November, I moved back to Maine, in my hometown. I hadn't seen my family in two years, or lived in Maine for twenty, so I decided to stay awhile, perhaps a year or two. Then I'll resume my traveling ways with a meandering cross-country trip.

After working a temporary job (with UPS, as a driver's helper during the Christmas rush) and a sporadic part-time gig (stripping and sealing floors at a hospital) I've found a decent, relatively well paying, part-time job. I won't mention or discuss it, as I want to keep it.

So, this blog. Do I dust it off and start it up again? If so, what direction do I take it in? If I start posting regularly again, what kind of posts should I write? What do you, dear reader, want to read? What will keep you coming back? How do you like the new look?

Let me know in the comments or use the contact form in the right hand column.


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